Being An ICNY Member

by Elena Bezzubov (Russia)

Like many brand new immigrants in the USA, I wish to build a new and better life and find a welcoming “home away from home.“  I want to get the very best business education available and to put my career on the fast track. To achieve these goals I have to build the skills needed to fully participate in the professional and social American life. Of course, this involves a serious improvement of my English skills.

Although I had some background in English, here I started from the beginning… I attended a few places in order to improve my English. Through word of mouth I found ICNY, where newcomers can find support and an opportunity to learn English. I have been studying English for six months so far, and I learned so many speaking and writing tips from ICNY volunteers that I had not learned in my college in Russia. I also enjoy meeting people from all over the world, hanging out, and exploring New York City spots with my new friends.

I have been a member of ICNY since March 2010, and I have improved my English a lot thanks to the inspiration of the volunteers and communication with other members. I believe the best way to learn and stay fluent in English is by enrolling in a good language school such as ICNY and by making friends to practice what you learn. Because, when you study a language in an exciting and creative environment, you find a way to challenge yourself and stay motivated. And I am proud of being a part of this fantastic and inspiring international community.


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