Choosing ICNY

by Moudi Koo (Hong Kong)

ICNY is my favorite place in New York! It is like my second home, because there are a lot of my lovely friends here. Also, ICNY has very nice volunteers, staff, and members, who are my classmates.

When I am sad, I would rather go to ICNY than stay at home, because there I can share my feeling or experiences with my friends who have similar backgrounds – we are all immigrants. Most of us don’t have a lot of friends or relatives here, so some of us become very close friends. The students at ICNY come from a lot of different countries, so sometimes I meet people from counties I have never heard of before. Most of our teachers are volunteers. Their majors are not teaching – some of them may be lawyers or they may be running their own businesses – but they show us their great enthusiasm for teaching. They use their spare times to teach us, and we learn many different things from them.

The truth is, the first time one of my classmates brought me to ICNY, I really didn’t like it. That was one year ago when I was still studying ESL at Brooklyn College. My classmate, who attended both Brooklyn College and ICNY, said that INCY was a very good school and that she learned a lot from it. I became interested, and one day she brought me to INCY. My first impression was not good, because I felt that the ICNY environment was not good for studying. What I had in mind was that a school should always be a separate building instead of just one corner of a building. So, I didn’t join INCY. Instead, I went to Riverside Church to study English.

At Riverside Church, I met a classmate who recommended ICNY again. Then I thought, if the school was not good, why were so many people recommending it? I was worried about whether I did the right thing or not.

Now, I regret that I didn’t join ICNY when I first knew about it. I am so happy to be here.


2 thoughts on “Choosing ICNY

  1. Congratulations! You finally found the best place to enjoy your life.
    My wife and I became a member in 2000 just after coming to NY when we neither spoke any English words. It was tough to study English. We both tried to join many ESL schools including Riverside Church and YMCA. We could not follow almost all classes of ICNY but tried to attend as many classes as we could. Amid struggling with English, Joe Lamb and magician Bob were our most favorite teachers who we only understood their contents. Now we enjoy any classes of the Center and conversation with volunteers. There is no other places like this Center.

    • Yoshi, thank you!!
      Now, I am studying English in Kingsborough college in Evening class, because I don’t want to stop studying English in ICNY. So in the moring time I can continue studying in ICNY. I know, if I want to find a good job in New York, improving our English is only way we have to do!! All my Friends, we do our best to open our mouth and walk around in the ICNY for improving our English together. See you in ICNY!!

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