First Step To A New Life

By Veronika Chuenvong (Ukraine)

I moved from Ukraine to NYC in January of this year. During the first two weeks I spent all my time at home. I was very bored. I wanted to find a school to study English, so I opened Google and found one school on 35th street. After some time, I realized I didn’t like this school. I began to search for another school. In a conversation with a classmate I heard about a new school, and when she showed me the schedule, I decided to study there. This school was the International Center. Since April, I have been at the IC.

When I started studying at the International Center my life changed. I met new people, I started to visit sights of the city, and, most importantly, I began to improve my English. After almost 5 months I want to say that I am happy studying at IC, because now I have friends and I also have conversation partners. Upon completion of my program, I plan to go to college. I want to become a psychologist. New York is a city of opportunities, and here you can achieve all that you want. But this requires a greater effort and believing in yourself.


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