Posted in October 2010

Living In NYC: Take It Easy!

By Cèlia Nadal (Catalonia) I spent just four months in New York, but it was enough to realize that it’s such an intense place: good music, theater, art, and cultural life. How can you manage to enjoy this big city if you are new here? I didn’t know NYC very well when I arrived, but … Continue reading

New Life In A New City

By Nika S. (Georgia) I’m originally from Georgia or Abkhazia. There are so many versions of the historic heritage of this territory, that I have no idea where my birth place might have belonged at the time I was born.  That’s why I prefer to call that place “the land of the palm trees near … Continue reading

A Very Special Language Center

By Pascale Côte (France) For most of us, the first thing we think about when we arrive in NYC is how to improve our English. To do so, we can research a tourist guide book, be seduced by an advertisement, or spend a lot of time surfing through the specific websites. There are so many … Continue reading