Living In NYC: Take It Easy!

By Cèlia Nadal (Catalonia)

I spent just four months in New York, but it was enough to realize that it’s such an intense place: good music, theater, art, and cultural life. How can you manage to enjoy this big city if you are new here?

I didn’t know NYC very well when I arrived, but there were basically two things that helped me adapt: knowing people and learning English. Of course the two are quite related.

The first one is pretty easy. I was surprised at how a man sitting in front of you in the coffee shop would start telling you about his life and would finish with showing you a picture of his children; how this girl suddenly asks you where you bought the book you are reading; or how young people come to speak with you in a bar. Sometimes it’s just a brief exchange of words, but in other cases that could become the beginning of a good relationship. So don’t be afraid to get to know people, because this is the way to improve your English.

Of course, learning the language of the country you are in is essential to feel integrated and to increase your quality of life in the new environment. ICNY is a good place where you can combine these two aspects: building a good social life through English.

For these reasons, let’s work hard while having fun at the same time. That is the best recipe to get amazing results.


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