One Day in Central Park

By Joana Beuse (Brazil)

When I arrived in this big city called New York, I was so excited to be able to visit the city and to improve my English skills. This was why I looked for the International Center, and I’ve been attending the Center for three months.

The classes were very nice and the teachers very kind. I haven’t met one single person who did not enjoy the funny classes of Joe Lamb or the very interesting topics about the Real New York brought by Donald Young.

But the ICNY was much more than learning English. It was a very good opportunity to make friends. People are encouraged to go to the lounge and speak to each other. Everybody is so friendly and open to make new friends that sometimes I went there and spent the whole day talking and having fun. At the same time, I was practicing my English and meeting new people from different countries and cultures.

I remember one day we went to Central Park to enjoy a beautiful spring day outside. It was an unforgettable time spent with my new friends, in a new city!

I’ll probably never again get in touch with most of them, but they are all part of a very special period of my life: Ana from Brazil, Tati and Douglas from Brazil, Camila from Colômbia, Cecília from Argentina, Claire from France, Gerardo from Cuba, Ivan from Mexico, Elena from Russia, Heyzel and Paola from Venezuela, Jorge from Peru, Marat from Russia, Mariko from Japan, Mayumi from Japan, Mustafa from Turkey, Natxo from Spain, Pablo from Colômbia, Renaldo from Haiti, Samba from Mali, and Sergio from Spain.


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