International Flavors

By Pep Muñoz (Spain)

Last summer I traveled to NYC and a friend told me about the International Center. I decided to go there and learn some English because my level was (and still is!) almost zero!

I met a lot of friendly people from all over the world and I spoke English with my Catalan accent with other people with Korean accents, Taiwanese accents, French accents, Indian and Pakistani accents… It was exciting and funny and I also visited with them a lot of famous places and good restaurants. I learned about typical Korean cuisine and one day I went with them to a typical Spanish restaurant. It was funny to eat paella in Manhattan with other foreign people!

I met the teachers and the other volunteers; they are nice people and they helped me with my English, and they also introduced me to the New York style of life. The NYC day…and night!

My summer in New York was great and I decided to move there for a while. In fact, in a few days I will move there!  I will always remember the International Center because they were the first people who helped me in the city.

When I come back we can go again to Spanish restaurants, Korean restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and American restaurants, of course! I love hamburgers with French fries.

When I was in New York last summer I also played Scrabble with more friends from all over the world. I was always the worst player, but I’m sure in a few weeks I will be if not the best Scrabble player in English in the world then maybe the second or third. We will see…

See you soon, my friends!


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