Never Give Up

By Adelina Andrianov (Bulgaria)

Everybody has heard the phrase “Never give up,” which sounds so powerful and strong. Good examples of those who never give up are the alpinists, because these people risk their lives to reach the top of the mountain. Despite the freezing weather, the severe environment with ice and snow, etc., they are determined to achieve their goal. I believe that we can follow the model of the alpinists.  Also, I strongly encourage everybody to have a dream and to follow it.

In my life, I had and I still have problems, which appear to be like a huge mountain. I try to reach the top, but it is very difficult. For instance, I dreamed of becoming a journalist, an editor, or doing some work in the media in my country. After I shared my dream with my friends and family, nobody supported it.

Sometimes the dream looks like an oasis in the desert, because I cannot distinguish between the reality and the dream due to the lack of a clear border between the two. Despite these obstacles, I was determined to fulfill my dream.  I studied hard and applied to the best university in my country. As a result, I was accepted, but I met another problem: finding a job, because I didn’t have experience and lacked networking skills in the media. Nevertheless, the phrase “Never give up” was always on my mind, and I applied for a master’s degree. Fortunately, I got two master’s degrees that helped me a lot in finding a very good job.

However, life is like a circle where everything repeats and repeats.  Since I came to New York, I’ve met the same obstacle and I am in the same situation as before – so I’ve started everything from the beginning.  The big obstacle now is my English. I have to make a lot of effort to speak and write in English fluently in order to be in the field such as the media. Sometimes I struggle because I don’t have enough time to spend on my dream. However, I know that I should “Never give up.” The winners are not those who never fail, but those who never give up.

To conclude, the important thing is that I dare to dream and I have a hope, which gives me strength, despite all the obstacles in my life. Sometimes I fail, but I try to get back on my feet. I never give up!


4 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. Great post, Adelina! Your written English is very good and will only get better, and your ‘never give up’ attitude will not let you down!

  2. Never give up, just think you are only a day. English will be getting better and you will get a good job. In this country, people who want to improve themself have many opportunities!!!! Happy New Year, Adelina! Ceci

  3. Great essay, Adelina! I agree with you 100%! Everyone needs to remember to keep trying and we also need friends to help remind us. Thanks!

  4. Hi Adelina! This is Javi, I’m a formal ICNY member. I must say you did a great job! You should be a smart person. I’ve been overcoming the same obstacles, but in a different field. You are right – everybody should keep trying to achive their goals. Good luck!

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