Facial Exercises

By Papou Kponton (Togolese Republic)

We are not in a gym or somewhere else for body works. I would like to talk about my English class, the first one I took at the International Center, which helps immigrants to integrate into American society. That class, named “Funny thing about English,’’ was really a funny way to learn, and it is where I learned about “facial exercises.’’

In that class, the students repeat everything the professor, Mr. Joe Lamb, says. And, Mr. Lamb (who, I heard, was an actor) always has some interesting or funny stories to share with his students.

In my first class, Mr. Lamb revealed to us his secret which makes him look younger. I don’t know his real age, and I bet that anyone can make a mistake about it and assume that he is younger than he is. That is why you will be curious to know his secret.

He said to us, and everyone repeated after him: “My secret is, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t have fun, and every morning I do the facial exercises.’’  So funny and relaxing is the description of the facial exercises!  He says: “When I wake up every morning, I go to my mirror and I say “woouuuuuuuuu,’’ and the students altogether say ‘’woouuuuuuuuu.’’ Mr. Lamb then continues, and says “waaaaaaaaaa,’’ and the class repeats “waaaaaaaaaa.’’ It was funny to see all of the students doing the facial exercises in different accents.  In this class you feel so comfortable learning even though your level may be low. And that was a good beginning for me.

By the way, I heard that the facial exercises really work and I do them every morning in front of my mirror. Don’t ask me if I always want to look younger!


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