The Real New York

by Lin Luo (China)

Life is always unpredictable. I’ve been in New York for more than two months and life here is completely different from what I thought it would be. In my view, New York is materialistic, competitive, and fast and almost everyone here is ambitious. And these are the dominant values of New York. Therefore, if I want to live in New York and become successful, I must get used to the values and culture of New York. So, I spare no effort studying at the International Center, trying various kinds of food, and talking to different people who come from different cultural backgrounds. I walk fast, speak fast, and eat fast. I’ll always keep these words in mind, “If I don’t risk my life in New York, I’ll never be a real New Yorker.”

Thanks to ICNY I get access to the New York educational system, though it is not a formal school. Here I experience a variety of teaching styles, challenge exotic cultures, meet fabulous friends, and build my lifelong confidence. I want to give my heartfelt thanks to the ICNY staff, especially to the ISP manager, Elaine Roberts. Because of them I find my way in this new city. Because of them I like this wonderful city. And because of them I embrace this friendly city full of warmth.

In a word, my two-month experience of New York life is just a beginning. I believe that I’ll gain my life’s wealth in New York. I keep on fighting and I never give up.


One thought on “The Real New York

  1. It is not necessary to rush around ‘like a chicken without a head’ to prove to other people you are a New Yorker! Eat slowly, but think quickly. People who walk too fast forget where they are going and get lost in the subway. This just happened to me yesterday! I took the train in the wrong direction, because I was in a hurry!

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