The City Of Blinding Lights

By Carlos Luna (Mexico)

I had heard that New York City piles up its buildings on the land laced with gold… and that it was the place on earth where all people want to go to have their dreams come true. But since we know that “all that glitters is not gold,” I didn’t readily accept that New York was a place where dreams come true. However, I decided to go there, thinking, “Whatever happens, happens.”

When I arrived, what proved to be true is that New York City is one of the toughest cities to live in, with its expensive apartments, transportation, health care, and food. Moreover, the city is getting older and the subway is a mess, with regular delays. I find it somewhat strange that none of us had heard of that before. I think that is because in all the Hollywood movies the city’s rough aspects vanish.

I discovered that New York is a place where people always worry about buying things; where they have to travel long distances to get from home to work because they have no other options. And as far as “dreams come true” part, no matter how hard many might try, almost no one ever succeeds. Had I been warned that New York City is this hard to adapt to and live in, I would have thought twice about coming.

On the other hand, with its skyscrapers, multiple bridges, great museums, its picturesque neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, bright lights of Broadway, and its vibrant night life, New York is a city of superlatives and contrasts. Wealth and diversity of the world are concentrated here.

There is no denying that New York is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world. Moreover, New Yorkers are so kind and they have a strong belief that whatever difficulties you may come across, you will be able to overcome them. That is everyone’s attitude towards life. The mosaic of different people in this amazing city is definitely its most precious treasure.

One could say you describe a city as yours when you are fond of it. In my case, it seems that as soon as I arrived and felt part of it, the journey was over. Now that I don’t live there any longer, I am beginning to miss all my friends and my favorite places. But I am not complaining – I am rather pleased. I can say I had an experience that changed my life, and I know that I became a real New Yorker.

I am proud to say, “I love New York.”


One thought on “The City Of Blinding Lights

  1. Carlos, how long did you live in NYC? I am curious to know how many months or years it took for you to feel you were a real New Yorker.

    Some of your photographs are exceptional! You have captured that fairy-tale quality of large dreams and gigantic doings. You were lucky you were able to find friends here. Many people can never find any friends in NYC. So you were one of the lucky ones.

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