My New York Diary

By Takashi S. (Japan)

Takashi came to New York a year ago. Since that time he has also joined the ICNY and started a microblog about his metropolitan life, including fascinating events he attends, the multicultural cuisine he tries and interesting people he meets. Here is a random collection of his posts dedicated to his memories in New York.

April 27, 2010

Today’s dinner: Shake Shack @Madison Square Park. I ate Shack Stack® for $8.75. Try it if you want to taste a real hamburger.

Photo by ShakeShack

May 01, 2010

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The Brooklyn Bridge renovation project will begin this June. Take a walk before it’s too late!

May 07, 2010

I went to Limelight Marketplace on its opening day! It’s a new “high-brow indoor bazaar.” In my opinion, Limelight Marketplace in NY and Covent Garden in London have a similar atmosphere. Check it out!

Photo by Fegore

May 16, 2010

I went to Strawberry Fields @Central Park. Of course, I saw the famous Imagine mosaic. You can read the lyrics of Imagine in my notes on my Facebook page. It’s very optimistic and utopian, but I like it.

Photo by Wikipedia

June 3, 2010

Sometimes people ask me how I know about so many events in NYC. Do you want to know the reason? Go to NYC: The Official Guide and find free stuff to do in NYC. That’s the answer. If you want to know more information about NYC, I can’t help. Please ask a real New Yorker. 🙂

Photo by NYC: The Official Guide

June 6, 2010

I joined the Japan Day Festival. I’m happy to hear that many members of the ICNY joined this festival too. I got a T-shirt because I donated $20 for the “Japan Day Cherry Tree Planting Initiative”. I hope that cherry blossoms remind you Japanese culture.

June 27, 2010

While I was watching 2010 LGBT Gay Pride Parade today, a lesbian couple stood next to me. They looked so happy; chatting, watching, and kissing…. I keenly felt 2 things. One is that, somewhat suddenly, I realized, “I’m in New York”. This is a truly liberal city. The other one is, of course, that I wish them a happy future. I really mean it.

November 28, 2010

I went and saw the Blue Man Group! Hey, Blue Man, thanks for making us laugh! I’m definitely going to go and see the show again. Hey, International Center, thanks for the $3 ticket! I’m going to go again for $3 🙂

Photo by lasplash

June 04, 2011

Do you know why a recent sunset in Manhattan was so beautiful? It’s because of “Manhattanhenge” (derived from Manhattan + Stonehenge). You can see a perfect sunset from ANY street in Manhattan, but only on particular days. If you have a camera, go outside and take a picture around 8 pm!

Photo by ManicMaurice


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