Fun With Words

ICNY Member Blog Word Cloud

By Jake (ICNY Member Blog Manager)

Here at the ICNY, we take education seriously. Or, as they say in Spanish, “¡muy seriamente!” Despite our austere approach, students manage to leave the Center with a better grasp of the English language and a smile on their face. I’m joking, of course. The International Center is a welcoming and fun place to improve your English skills. Our volunteers and staff are happy to assist any member in need. Except for Elaine Roberts.

Watch out for her.

Some words, like austere, are fun to pronounce. Go ahead, say it out loud – AW STEER. It almost sounds like “aw” in “aw yeah.” As in, “That party was crazy! Aw yeah.” But, in fact, it means quite the opposite. You can never tell the meaning of a word just by saying it; just as you can never judge a book by its cover. That’s why I thought it would be interesting to bundle the most popular words from the ICNY Member Blog into a word cloud. With some help from, I easily turned 15 months worth of blogging into a spectacular word cloud. Check it out:

Click to enlarge

Dream, Soul, Love, Accomplishing, Achieving, etc. There are some amazing words within that cloud. And those words provide for some amazing stories. I want to thank the members who have graciously provided blogs that are both poignant and personal. Their journeys are what make the Center a special place. As we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Center, I hope that the spirit of the Center remains warm and welcoming so that it may never become austere. Aw yeah.


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