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Different Colors – The Same Language

Different Colors – The Same Language

By Geisha Torres (Venezuela) When I came to the United States from Venezuela in October of 2009, to cover the playoffs for the Major Baseball League, I couldn’t even imagine that I was going to meet so many special people spanning some 20 different countries. Thanks to Beto Villa, the New York Yankees Spanish announcer, … Continue reading

Happy Accidents In New York City

By Noelia Román Lamas (Spain) Accidents are not always negative. If you don’t believe me, just read on. By accident, I met an acquaintance, four months ago, in a bar in Williamsburg. We were more than 8.000 kilometers far away from our home town and it turned out that both of us had an appointment … Continue reading

One Day in Central Park

By Joana Beuse (Brazil) When I arrived in this big city called New York, I was so excited to be able to visit the city and to improve my English skills. This was why I looked for the International Center, and I’ve been attending the Center for three months. The classes were very nice and … Continue reading

A Very Special Language Center

By Pascale Côte (France) For most of us, the first thing we think about when we arrive in NYC is how to improve our English. To do so, we can research a tourist guide book, be seduced by an advertisement, or spend a lot of time surfing through the specific websites. There are so many … Continue reading