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Ode To The ICNY

Ode To The ICNY

By Katherine Mondragon (Colombia) This is a lovely place that raises our spirits; that creates events and activities that help us gain confidence in ourselves; a beautiful place that encourages us to strive to achieve our goals, and make our dreams possible. This is where we all enjoy having fun getting the right pronunciation with … Continue reading

Facial Exercises

By Papou Kponton (Togolese Republic) We are not in a gym or somewhere else for body works. I would like to talk about my English class, the first one I took at the International Center, which helps immigrants to integrate into American society. That class, named “Funny thing about English,’’ was really a funny way … Continue reading

Reading And Discussion With Shawn Mullin

By Buyana Ulzii (Mongolia) George Orwell and John Steinbeck. Do these names cling to your ears? Do they come with a certain familiarity, yet don’t make you nostalgic? As much as they are world-renowned authors, they were definitely not on my list of favorites when we first started literature class at the International Center. But … Continue reading