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One Day In Albany

One Day In Albany

By Mereme Sadaj (Albania) I heard a lot about Albany since I came here. For some reason, I wanted to go there. First, when I heard this word, ‘Albany,’ it sounded like my country, Albania. When strangers pronounce it, it sounds the same. The other thing is that I wanted to learn more about America. … Continue reading

Different Colors – The Same Language

Different Colors – The Same Language

By Geisha Torres (Venezuela) When I came to the United States from Venezuela in October of 2009, to cover the playoffs for the Major Baseball League, I couldn’t even imagine that I was going to meet so many special people spanning some 20 different countries. Thanks to Beto Villa, the New York Yankees Spanish announcer, … Continue reading

Happy Accidents In New York City

By Noelia Román Lamas (Spain) Accidents are not always negative. If you don’t believe me, just read on. By accident, I met an acquaintance, four months ago, in a bar in Williamsburg. We were more than 8.000 kilometers far away from our home town and it turned out that both of us had an appointment … Continue reading

International Flavors

By Pep Muñoz (Spain) Last summer I traveled to NYC and a friend told me about the International Center. I decided to go there and learn some English because my level was (and still is!) almost zero! I met a lot of friendly people from all over the world and I spoke English with my … Continue reading

One Day in Central Park

By Joana Beuse (Brazil) When I arrived in this big city called New York, I was so excited to be able to visit the city and to improve my English skills. This was why I looked for the International Center, and I’ve been attending the Center for three months. The classes were very nice and … Continue reading

Living In NYC: Take It Easy!

By Cèlia Nadal (Catalonia) I spent just four months in New York, but it was enough to realize that it’s such an intense place: good music, theater, art, and cultural life. How can you manage to enjoy this big city if you are new here? I didn’t know NYC very well when I arrived, but … Continue reading