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Different Colors – The Same Language

Different Colors – The Same Language

By Geisha Torres (Venezuela) When I came to the United States from Venezuela in October of 2009, to cover the playoffs for the Major Baseball League, I couldn’t even imagine that I was going to meet so many special people spanning some 20 different countries. Thanks to Beto Villa, the New York Yankees Spanish announcer, … Continue reading

Ode To The ICNY

Ode To The ICNY

By Katherine Mondragon (Colombia) This is a lovely place that raises our spirits; that creates events and activities that help us gain confidence in ourselves; a beautiful place that encourages us to strive to achieve our goals, and make our dreams possible. This is where we all enjoy having fun getting the right pronunciation with … Continue reading

Facial Exercises

By Papou Kponton (Togolese Republic) We are not in a gym or somewhere else for body works. I would like to talk about my English class, the first one I took at the International Center, which helps immigrants to integrate into American society. That class, named “Funny thing about English,’’ was really a funny way … Continue reading

Happy Accidents In New York City

By Noelia Román Lamas (Spain) Accidents are not always negative. If you don’t believe me, just read on. By accident, I met an acquaintance, four months ago, in a bar in Williamsburg. We were more than 8.000 kilometers far away from our home town and it turned out that both of us had an appointment … Continue reading

Building Confidence At ICNY

By Wing Yao (China) One month ago, New York was a strange city for me.  I didn’t know its history and I didn’t understand the language. For example, when I went to buy something and tried to communicate with the sales people, they didn’t understand me.  I felt embarrassed and wondered if New York City was … Continue reading

One Day in Central Park

By Joana Beuse (Brazil) When I arrived in this big city called New York, I was so excited to be able to visit the city and to improve my English skills. This was why I looked for the International Center, and I’ve been attending the Center for three months. The classes were very nice and … Continue reading

A Window Into American Life

By Freedom Zhou (China) “It is not as big as I imagined,” I thought when I went there after I saw the advertisement in the email. I thought the International Center would be a very big and beautiful place as it is “international.” However, there are just several rooms: conversation partner room, the lounge, several … Continue reading